Brothers of Others is a Blues, Soul, Rock & Roll rhythm group from Miami, Florida, with dominant influences including many of the most legendary bands of all time. The band formed when Derek Cintron, Vic Kingsley & Joshua Stedman accepted a contract at The Loews Miami Beach Hotel in South Beach for four weeks of shows. The guys compiled a list of popular songs with a few originals and hit the stage with powerhouse three-part harmonies and an energetic musical backbone of guitar, bass and drums, with some occasional keys sprinkled in. It was only after playing awhile that the members decided to start swapping instruments, just to keep it interesting for themselves (after all, they often play four to five times a week!). The overwhelming audience response was "beautiful and unexpected," and as the audiences started experiencing each member sharing lead vocal, drums/percussion, bass and guitar duties, their popularity grew. The Loews quickly signed the band for a full year, allowing them to expand their repertoire and stage performance. The Ritz-Carlton South Beach came knocking on the band’s door next, and the guys soon had their second regularly occurring gig.
Throughout this formative year, the band honed their vocal technique, expanded their catalog to include many new original compositions. They also learned how to entertain an audience for 4 hours straight, while skipping breaks and never finishing without several encores. It is important to note the their audiences tend to favor original songs such as “Every Whisper”, “Bad Year” & “Hold on to Love”, over the cover songs, which are also very well received! Stylistically, the group’s performance takes its fans back to the golden era of rock music when successful bands relied on talent, creativity, charisma, and raw power to fuel their shows
Brothers of Others stand on the shoulders of rock & roll legends and leap right off. They capture the essence of favorite classics while painting with their own musical color, walking the line between maintaining and transforming; playing something familiar yet fresh and new. At the beginning of 2014, Brothers of Others settled on a band name and began to perform all over South Florida, including regular shows at the famous Lorelei Cabana in The Keys, Liquor Lounge in South Beach, Copper Blues in West Palm Beach, Hard Rock Café Hollywood, Bardot in Miami and various private shows. For the past few years, the band has continued to entertain South Beach audiences at The Ritz Carlton The Loews hotel. Currently, the band is recording their first full-length album and cultivating an ever-growing fan base.

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